IO Interactive reveals first details of their next-gen Hitman game

More details coming later on in the year

Hitman rumours and news has been coming thick and fast in recent weeks with the cancellation of one next-gen title and the possibility of a Hitman game for mobile.

Hitman creators IO Interactive want to make sure that fans know that they have a next-gen Hitman game in the works and they've written an open letter to fans giving a few early details on their next project. Powered by their in-house Glacier 2 game engine IO will be drawing on the best parts of Absolution, Blood Money and even Contracts to put together what they hope will be the best Hitman game yet.

They're opening up the design of each of the game's levels and turning them into completely open, checkpoint-free sandboxes and handing the choice of how to complete each contract to the player much more that ever before. IO Interactive reveals first details of their next-gen Hitman game

Contracts mode will return as well allowing next-gen players to have a bit of fun setting up their own contracts and challenging their friends to beat them.

IO Interactive plans to announce more information on the game later this year so you can expect it to make an appearance at at least one of the year's big trade shows. When we hear anything you'll be the first to know.

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