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Tech troubles plague Xbox 360?

Gamers report crashes and more...

Several publications across the internet are this morning noting a number of complaints emerging from disgruntled Xbox 360 purchasers. Not only were there troubles at retailers as stocks ran dry, but today it has emerged a number of gamers are experience hardware problems with their new console. From forums and emails we're hearing anecdotal reports of hardware switching itself off, games crashing and broken hard-drives. Of course, much of the evidence is spurious and unverifiable, but the sheer weight of news on this issue suggests that certainly some unfortunate gamers are having problems getting their 360's to work properly. Consumer games site quotes one forum poster, who explained his knowledge of the situation thusly:

"Between my friends and I, we bought 6 machines at the Zero Hour event. Of the 6, my machine has a dead hard drive, another machine is working but is rather flaky (seen some strange behaviour - the drive may also be scratching discs, as my friend's copy of Condemned is now unplayably scratched, but we don't know if the drive caused it - the machine has also had problems booting games and being turned off...), one seems to be good, and I haven't heard yet about the status of the other three."

If this gamers report proves indicative of the initial batch of 360s delivered for launch, then Microsoft might have a rather large problem on their hands. Indeed, the dreaded word 'recall' has already been muttered as angry gamers moan collectively across online forums. Reports of frequent game crashes and other more minor technical issues (particularly related to Project Gotham 3) have even been noted by games websites using retail hardware stateside.

Of course, hardware faults are a far more serious matter than software issues, and its simply too early to predict how far-reaching these problems really are. But this, coupled with the unit shortages, certainly conveys the feeling that the launch isn't going quite as smoothly as Microsoft might have hoped. More soon.

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