Evolve's second human hunter, Griffin revealed

Meet the Trapper class

The second of Evolve's four human hunters has been revealed and this time it's the Trapper class.

Griffin is tooled up with a massive harpoon gun to use to catch his prey. He also has a submachinegun as a sidearm to help him shoot his way out of a bind.

As Markov has arc mines, Griffin has some mines of his own. The Sound Spike is a more defensive mine that allows Griffin to locate enemies. When placed strategically Griffin's array of Sound Spikes can help him figure out where the enemy is very precisely although he does have a limited number of them. Evolve's second human hunter, Griffin revealed

He also has a rather handy defensive ability that he can share with the whole team. Mobile Arena throws up a defensive shield which can trap monsters (and hunters) inside allowing the team to contain the enemy alien quickly and securely.

Evolve is coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC this autumn.

Thanks Game Informer.

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