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Developer Kylotonn knocks DJs

"Deal's off!", cries developer CEO

Bet on Soldier developer Kylotonn have distributed a press release today, announcing in terse language that its publishing agreement with UK firm Digital Jesters has been terminated, the studio stating: "Kylotonn deeply regrets having fallen victim to the practices of non-payment and breaches of contract perpetrated by the management of Digital Jesters." The studio also states in the press release that it retains the rights to the Bet on Soldier videogame, and is currently arranging a new publishing partner for the game in North America and the UK. The game was released in Blighty a couple of months ago, receiving mixed reviews; the general consensus being that the game falls victim to several missed opportunities.

Kylotonn's statement was distributed to the press by CEO Roman Vincent, whilst Digital Jesters have yet to respond to this fresh controversy. Falling-outs between developers and publishers has become more common of late, with several lawsuits arguing over royalty payments and 'IP' ownership. We'll keep you posted on this development, hopefully with word from the publisher soon.

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