Warframe Update 11.5: The Cicero Crisis goes live

PS4 gamers get Trophy support

Digital Extremes has launched a brand new update for the free-to-play title Warframe.

Update 11.5 brings with it a new event, The Cicero Crisis, a new Warframe, new weapons and skin pack, areas and a tile set for everyone as well as Trophy support and full controller scheme customisation for PS4 gamers.

The new Oberon Warframe has some pretty impressive offensive powers that can be used to support teammates as well as the handy Renew ability to give injured comrades a bit of health regeneration. Warframe Update 11.5: The Cicero Crisis goes live

The Cicero Crisis event sends the Tennos to Earth to tackle the Grineer. Councillor Vek Hay's forces are attempting to use the Cicero toxin to clear the genetically manipulated forests so they can build settlements and they must be stopped.

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