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Driveclub will now miss the Japanese PS4 launch too

Sad news for PS4 racing buffs

Sony has announced the sad news that Evolution's ambitious community-driven racer Driveclub will now miss the PS4 launch in Japan too.

It was believed, thanks to references on the Sony's Japanese website that Driveclub would be release alongside the PS4 when it arrives in Japan at the end of next month but that's now not going to happen either.

Driveclub was due to be released at the US and UK launches of the PS4 but it slipped to an early 2014 release although that's looking a bit less likely with it missing the Japanese PS4 launch on February 22nd. Driveclub will now miss the Japanese PS4 launch too

We'll keep our eyes out for more news and any delay can only mean that the game will be in much better shape when it is finally released, right?

Thanks OPM.

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