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New PSP game from Kojima team

But what is it?

US consumer games website has just revealed that a new PSP game is in the works at Hideo Kojima's Konami studio. The highly respected designer, the mastermind behind the Metal Gear Solid series, revealed in his blog that he and five other team members had been discussing a new PSP title in a meeting, and that the project is currently in the planning phase of development. The studio's last outing on the Playstation Portable was Metal Gear Acid 2, and like that game the new title will be created under the direction of Shinta Nojiri. No word on Kojima's direct involvement on the project then, especially while the new MGS for the PS3 is being completed, but the designer's expertise will inevitably be drawn upon.

"It seems alright as a project plan," Kojima explains. "The issue is, it will feature a completely new system, so we need to learn if it'll be accepted. We'll have to make a prototype and have it play-tested. It'll play with a system that's different from traditional games. That'll be its selling point. Will it be accepted, or will it be rejected? We're going to see how it goes."

Exciting chatter indeed. More on Kojima's ever-inventive thoughts as we get it.


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