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Valve swaps the Steam Controller's touchscreen for buttons

Changes to aid backwards compatibility with the Steam library

Valve has announced that they will be making a few changes to their new Steam Controller before it arrives.

The original plan was for the controller to feature a small reprogrammable touchscreen but Valve has found that as well as it proving to be a bit of a distraction for gamers it also wasn't as backwards-compatible with the Steam library as it could be.

Valve has instead opted to replace it with a D-pad and some X, Y, A and B buttons to make it compatible with as many of the titles on Steam as possible. Steam will support up to 16 of these bad boys connected at once. Valve swaps the Steam Controller's touchscreen for buttons

They have also revealed that the final model will connect to PC via low-latency Bluetooth (time to invest in a good Bluetooth dongle if you haven't already) and will be powered by good old double-A batteries.

Thanks IGN.

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