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Delays plague Xbox 360 in Japan

Key titles slip...

The latest news reaching us from the far-east informs us that the Xbox 360's crucial debut in Japan has gone somewhat off course with several high profile delays. The lack of games catering to local tastes was the reason given for many of the original Xbox's failings in Japan, where the system failed to compete with the home-grown Cube and PS2 quite spectacularly. More games of this variety are certainly on the way, but a couple of them won't be making the launch window now, with the Otogi-fashioned RPG [EM]-eNCHANT arM perhaps the biggest blow to Microsoft's launch plans. From Software's opus was due at launch, but will now arrive in January, leaving the schedule bereft of RPGs come December 10th.

Ninety-Nine Nights, being created by Rez man Tetsuya Mizuguchi, was also due on day one, but will now hit stores in the spring - knocking another potential Japanese-developed hit off the roster. RPG 'Tengai Makyou Zirai' was also put back to the spring in the last month, leaving Microsoft's Japanese launch relying heavily on western-developed imports once again. Microsoft will be deeply unhappy about these latest delays, especially given the high-profile, pivotal nature of the titles and the veteran figures behind them.

The sooner Microsoft can get some more Japanese titles out the door the better now, especially with the PS3 currently scheduled for a spring debut in the land of the rising sun...

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