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Revolution offers parental power

New system revealed by Ninty

Nintendo revealed late yesterday their plans to give parents flexible and easy to use control over what games are played on the forthcoming Revolution console. A new password system will, the Big N must be hoping, allow controversial bestsellers such as GTA to launch on the new platform, without tarnishing Nintendo's family-orientated appeal. Like the latest technology TVs, the Revolution will allow parents to specify what ratings of game are acceptable on the console, setting passwords to allow adult-rated games to be played and the like. The new system of control will utilise the ESRB's ratings system, which will be encoded as part of each Revolution disc. Nintendo has already promised that the technology will feature in Revolution consoles worldwide, and we assume that local ratings will be used beyond the US-centred ESRB field of control. That would mean the Revolution enforcing BBFC ratings in the UK, by our reckoning.

"Even though many Nintendo games are rated E, E10+, or T, we believe this kind of feature should be included in the hardware. It's the right thing to do," commented Ninty US marketing boss Reggie Fils-Aime. "Game ratings are on the front and back of every game package, so families can easily make a decision about whether a game is right for them."

The Xbox boasts similar functionality currently, whilst the Xbox 360 will further tighten parental control. Whilst such moves are a positive thing for the perception of console makers, it may be of limited practical benefit when many parents don't know or care about such controls. More as we get it.

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