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Ridge Racer makes US launch

But not Europe, sadly

Ridge Racer 6 will be out in time for the North American debut of the Xbox 360 on November 22nd, developer Namco has revealed. The game officially 'went gold' late yesterday, according to an official statement, but won't be converted to PAL format in time for a release in Europe on December 2nd. The European release of Namco's latest racer, a coup for the Xbox 360, will follow in subsequent weeks we're told. "Players looking for a game to showcase the raw power and gaming functionality of their brand new Xbox 360 should look no further than Ridge Racer 6," Namco Hometek boss Yoshi Niki enthused.

Hopefully Namco didn't have to rush the new racer too hard in the closing laps, though we can imagine Microsoft were eager to get this one out the door for the debut, given the Ridge Racer series' previous affinity with Sony platforms. With the new Project Gotham and a new Need for Speed game also out in anticipation of the launch, Ridge Racer 6 is certainly in for some competition, even if it is the first time the series has gone online. Badly luck, PAL gamers, hopefully a conversion will cross the finish line in the not too distant future.

More as we get it in the meantime.

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