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Revolution comes at (low) price

Marketing boss reveals strategy

Mouthy Nintendo marketing chief Reggie Fils-Aime has been filling in CNN Money this week on the company's plottings for the new Revolution console, ahead of the now imminent Xbox 360 debut - which will kick-off the next-generation of systems. Like the GameCube before it, Fils-Aime revealed that he expects the Revolution to once again be the cheapest new console on the block at launch, but he added that no specific price point had been determined at present. "Value has been a key card for us this generation and we'll continue to play it," he stated.

The Cube was about one-hundred US dollars cheaper than its rivals at launch, but final sales totals were no higher for the Nintendo machine, with the PS2 having won the latest round comfortably. Indeed, Fils-Aime admitted in the interview that lessons had been learnt from the GameCube, commenting "First, we've got make sure that the titles in the first six months are strong and can drive sales. We've also got to make sure the console is attractive visually. And we've got to deliver on the right consumer needs."

The American marketing boss added that the portable approach to the design of the Cube may have been an error of judgment, citing features such as the handle as damaging to the consoles overall perception. On high-definition visuals, Fils-Aime claimed that Microsoft and Sony games could suffer from "almost interminably long" loading times, and that the Revolution's groundbreaking gameplay would more than make up for the lack of HiDef support.

Finally, we're told in the interview that price cuts for existing systems are being considered, but that nothing is finalised, though a new design for the DS console could be aired publicly soon. We'll keep you in the loop.

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