Epic still 'committed' to the PC

But next-gen opportunities to be had...

Epic Games boss Mark Rein has stated that the developer is still highly 'committed' to the PC platform, despite their latest opus (Gears of War) being an Xbox 360 affair. In an interview with UK games site, the chief doffed his cap to the company's PC pedigree and confirmed that series' like Unreal Tournament would still be heading for the PC platform, despite the current attention being received by Gears of War, and the company's recent moves to ply middleware for console platforms. The only reason Epic are currently focussing on the next-generation, it seems, is technical. "There's a lot of parity right now between where the absolute top-end of PCs are, and where the next-generation consoles are - especially with the multiple processors that we're seeing now in the consoles. You're getting a lot for your money with these next-generation systems, and it'll be a while before the average gamer PC surpasses them," he explained in the Eurogamer chin-wag.

Rein stated this was the reasoning behind a version of Unreal Tournament for the forthcoming PS3 console, too. Rein added that when PCs can 'cheaply' match the power of the new multi-CPU consoles then that system too will benefit from the experience Epic have learnt on games like Gears of War. Rein also softened his position on the Nintendo controller, claiming that he was a fan, but was merely concerned by the nature of games it would encourage. He also conceded that graphics is not the be-all-and-end-all of gaming, but that this is the biggest leap-forward taken with the next-generation of systems. To learn more on this prominent industry figure's thoughts on all this and more, might we suggest to check out Eurogamer's fine chat with the fellow.

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