THQ plan Conan outings

On numerous platforms, too

Conan the Barbarian will be gracing various shapes and sizes of small-screen in the not too distant future, thanks to a brand new licensing deal announced today between Conan Properties and publisher THQ. Most people will remember the famous 1982 film starring Arnie, however the original concept comes from the 1930s and a writer called Robert E. Howard. Apparently, some twelve-million books based on Conan's adventure have been sold globally. Delivering an interactive take on this 'IP' to the masses then, THQ will create a title for the PC, current and next-gen consoles, handheld platforms and even mobile phones. Mighty.

"Combining the epic adventures and stunning environments found throughout the Conan Universe with next-gen video game technology will add a whole new chapter to Conan's rich history," enthused THQ's Germaine Gioia. "The agreement delivers a strong addition to our world class video game portfolio and will provide Conan's huge fan base and gamers worldwide with hours of thrilling entertainment."

Hopefully THQ will at least attempt to deliver something a little more interesting than the usual licensed drivel, though we're not exactly brimming with optimism. Bring on the barbarity, regardless.

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