Creator unhappy with Katamari sequel


Having stated previously in no uncertain terms that Namco tricked him into developing a sequel to Katamari Damacy against his wishes (stating they would make one anyway even if he didn't lend his expertise to the project), creator Keita Takahashi has revealed that he is (perhaps unsurprisingly) somewhat unhappy with the new sequel. "I didn't want players to be disappointed so I decided to take part," the designer told the BBC. "There are fun things in the game, though I am not happy with all of it." Namco had been threatening a 'Christmas'-themed version of the game prior to Takahashi's involvement...

Having been coerced into designing the new game - We Love Katamari - irrespective of an aversion to sequels, the outspoken designer isn't best pleased by the sound of things. "Developers want to come up with fun games but ideas are judged by their sales potential," he explained. "The reality is that decisions are driven by sales and marketing."

Indeed, Takahashi sounds more than a little disillusioned with the business, explaining to the BBC that he plans to finish designing for good in ten years time. "I would like to create a playground for children. A normal playground is flat but I want an undulating one, with bumps," he added on future pursuits. Bumps, eh? Lovely.

Source: BBC News

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