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Xbox 360 stock troubles loom (updated)

In the UK, we fear

With the Xbox 360 looming ever-so rapidly now stateside, concern is beginning to mount that Microsoft is not providing retailers with anything like sufficient stock quantities to meet demand. One forum poster, purporting to have his hands on a Shareholder brochure, stated that the US would be getting 1,098,200 units on day one. He also stated that Redmond's sales target is four-million consoles within five months of launch. 29 games will also be released for the new system by the end of the year, we're told. Microsoft, par to form, aren't commenting on any of this conjecture.

Meanwhile, UK games site notes news on the Official Xbox Magazine website, hinting that a mere 50,000 units will be made available for the UK on launch day (December 2nd). The site claims this news is from a senior source at a leading retailer, who noted the allocation with grave concern.

The retailer in question was also quoted as stating that despite the fact that pre-orders are being taken, systems can no longer be guaranteed before Christmas. "Xbox 360 is the hottest gift this Christmas and will be hard to find - but we're working hard to ensure there's a regular replenishment of stock to retail," Xbox UK chief Neil Thompson told Eurogamer.

More as we get it.

Update: One of our loyal readers has emailed in stating that after speaking to his local GAME store, he has been reliably informed that the 50,000 figure is a misprint, and that 500,000 is in fact the true UK number. Fingers-crossed.

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