Sawyer and Atari lock horns

Over Rollercoaster royalties

Industry news site is this week reporting a new lawsuit in the offing between UK games designer Chris Sawyer (of Rollercoaster Tycoon fame) and publisher Atari. The developer argues that the US firm still owe him some 4.8 million USD in royalties from the smash hit Rollercoaster Tycoon series, which has sold millions of copies globally.

The report implies that Sawyer has already earnt himself an impressive 30 million USD in royalties, but is taking Atari to court over deductions made from his payments - which his legal advisers clearly believe are incorrect. Apparently, Sawyer called in a 'forensic accountant' in 2003, who uncovered the contestable deductions. The trial will be held in London, against the wishes of Atari it has to be added, the publisher attempting to relocate the trial to New York on claims that evidence and witnesses were closer at hand stateside.

It is believed Sawyer may still own the original rights to the smash-hit series, and it therefore unclear how this case will effect future iterations of the product. It is reported that the series has made some 180 million USD worldwide to date. More as we get it.


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