Nowhere to Run for Midway

Spy Hunter 3 announced

We've known that a Spy Hunter 3 has been in the works for what seems like an eternity, Midway's sequel proving one of the industry's worst kept secrets. The Rock even told us he was going to be in it, tying his role in the game in with his role in the cinematic conversion. It comes as no surprise today then to learn that publisher Midway has 'revealed' Spy Hunter 3, which will star "The Rock" Johnson as Alex Decker. The game will no doubt see our vehicle - The Interceptor - once again changing shape between a car, a boat and a bike during numerous missions, however The Rock has previously stated you'll also be able to get out of the car and shoot at things this time around. Titled Nowhere To Run, Spy Hunter 3 will be out in the summer of 2006 for the PS2 and Xbox.

The plot will apparently see Decker trying to stop the nefarious NOSTRA organisation of crooks from stealing national secrets which include the blueprints to his very special car, and this time he'll be hunting the infiltrators into buildings and other spaces The Interceptor simply can't go. The Rock's "film of the game" is being worked on currently too, and should be out alongside the game - if John Woo and his team can polish the project off on time. Dwayne even recently starred in the respectable Doom film conversion, and seems to have an affinity with projects related to the videogame world. We'll keep you posted.

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