Original ICO to return

Alongside new Colossus epic

Whilst many gamers long for a true sequel to ICO, most European gamers have yet to enjoy the majesty of the ground-breaking original, which only received a very limited edition launch on European shores. Thankfully, Sony Europe have revealed that a re-release is on the cards, thanks to Shadow of the Colossus, the new game from the same acclaimed team. Colossus will be getting a continental release in February 2006, with ICO now confirmed for the same time. Apparently, only 25,000 copies were sold in the UK the first time around, despite the critical adoration lavished upon the game. The long overdue return of ICO will probably come in standard packaging, and as a 'classic' will be priced below 20 GBP, it is expected. The game has been doing a roaring trade on eBay as increasingly more gamers clamber for copy of the game, especially the limited edition, which includes a special sleeve and postcards.

Shadow of the Colossus meanwhile is so far garnering almost as much praise as ICO, gamers and reviewers noting the outstanding artwork, perfectly balanced gameplay, rich atmosphere and incredibly high production values that were the trademark of the original ICO. After four years, you'd expect nothing less, perhaps, and we're very excited about a more expansive release in Europe for the team's new creation. ICO should also enjoy some of the sales success it so richly deserves, as a true piece of gaming 'art'. More on this soon... bring on February.

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