Yu Suzuki speaks

Shenmue Online lives...

Sadly, he speaks in Japanese. To Japanese magazine Dorimaga. Luckily for us, the bilingual chaps at IGN have translated it. Which is a relief. In the interview, Yu Suzuki speaks of his new projects and his position as head of the newly formed Sega AM Plus division. He said that despite the fresh split between console and arcade publishing at Sega, development remains 'borderless', meaning that no opportunities would be missed. He also said the PS3 looks technically very impressive, the Xbox 360 looks easy to develop for, and that the Revolution "resets the game experience". Which is quite a compliment, we think.

Rubbishing gossip from earlier this year, Suzuki also told Dorimaga that MMO Shenmue Online (a persistent world game based on his hit RPG series) has not been axed, and is in fact still in development. An early 2006 debut for the new game in China is currently expected. Of his arcade game Psy-Phi, the veteran designer said that it's lacking a little visually because it is based on the Chihiro (Xbox) arcade board, which isn't the mightiest. More on all this as we get it. Which isn't that often, incidentally.

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