New Def Jam game announced

Wu Tang members in new game shocker
A new title was revealed yesterday, to be published under the EA Big label, and it’s a controversial one: “Def Jam Vendetta”. The game promises to “bring you inside the world of underground fight clubs”, which is bound to have the Daily Mail baying for blood. Apparently, forty-five colourful fighters will feature, including rappers such as DMX and Method Man from the Def Jam label. Ten ‘authentic’ underground hip-hop venues, will apparently feature, along with an original soundtrack, which presumably Def Jam will have a hand in. "There is a great symmetry between the youth culture of Def Jam and what we are doing with Def Jam VENDETTA that brings an edgy, new attitude into the ring," rapped Jeff Karp, Vice President of Marketing for EA. The game will be out in early 2003 on the PS2 and GameCube.
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