Schafer promises more

New game from design guru are reporting from the latest edition of the UK's ever-respected EDGE magazine, which carries a brand new interview with veteran game designer Tim Schafer in its latest issue. Formerly one of LucasArts' most prominent figures back in their golden period, Schafer is credited with the design of adventure game classics like Full Throttle and Grim Fandango back in the day. More recently, he has also helped mastermind the daring Psychonauts, which is out this month on the Xbox, PC and PS2. In the interview, Schafer reveals that his team at Double Fine are currently in the prototyping and design phase of a brand-spanking new title which is very new, and very secret at the moment. For what it's worth,'s reporter notes rumours that said secret project is regarded as daring and 'crazy', even by Schafer's own impressive standards.

As well as going into detail about his dangerous obsession with Animal Crossing, Schafer also informs us in his EDGE chin-wag that he is highly excited by the prospect of games being delivered in episodic form. Perhaps this is a nod to the narrative focus of his adventure game days, and also he notes that the online functionality of next-gen consoles is particularly exciting. Schafer finally waxes lyrical on the sheer insane brilliance of We Love Katamari, much to our agreement. But what of the designer's new game? We'll just have to wait, and content ourselves with Psychonaut's in the meantime.

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