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PS3 pricing rumoured

Famitsu and CoolGamer cited

American games site is today reporting a fresh rumour about the pricing of Sony's forthcoming Playstation 3 console. Citing Japanese site CoolGamer, which regard as a highly reliable source, the Japanese site is quoted as stating the "PS3 price [will be] set below 40000 Yen," in a small news update yesterday. That converts to nearly 400 USD at current exchange rates, and is somewhat cheaper than many analysts and even Sony themselves have been hinting at. Of course, the rumour could be nonsense but 1UP are quick to point out that CoolGamer have been spot-on with all previous next-generation news, hence the credibility being afforded this latest report.

CoolGamer is actually citing the latest issue of Famitsu, another well-respected source for gaming facts, stating that "a very important person mentioned that the PS3 price would not be over 40000yen." The PS2 launched for a similar price in Japan, though turned out to be about 100 USD cheaper stateside. This latest news also tallies with previous speculation from Sony, and could therefore prove true come the spring 2006 launch. That said, past Sony actions mean that this is little by way of a guide to system prices elsewhere.

We'll keep you posted.

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