Uwe Boll goes Postal

Director officially announced

Infamous film-of-the-game director Uwe Boll has been confirmed officially as the man charged with the onerous task of directing a cinematic take on Running with Scissors controversial Postal game. The director has previously directed the awful House of the Dead, and recently finished BloodRayne too. Boll will reportedly deliver Postal "in all its blood-drenched, ironic glory" come 2007. We can hardly wait. Rumours have linked Boll to the project for some time, and given the current controversy surrounding violent games stateside this new flick is hardly likely to pass unnoticed. Can Boll really create a genuinely ironic film, or will it be a mess like past efforts?

"Uwe Boll is the perfect producer-director to make Postal," CEO Vince Desi commented on the choice. "He understands the subject matter and has an appreciation and affinity for controversy and political incorrectness. Postal has always been about reason and insanity, violence and motivation; producer-director Uwe Boll is simply the right guy to bring that vision to the screen."

'Shooting' on the new movie will begin next year, once Boll finishes making his current film adaptation of Dungeon Siege. Boll said he hopes Postal will be "powerful, strange, and so full of the game's political incorrect outrageousness that if we do it correct, we will all probably end up in jail!" Lovely. More soon.


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