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2006 for PSP Gran Turismo

'Mobile' looking decidedly not, at present

A big day for delaying your game on the PSP it seems (any other takers?) as Sony Computer Entertainment announce that Gran Turismo 4's transfer to the handheld platform is going to take a little longer than originally planned. The game was supposed to be out in the spring of this year when series developer and reknown perfectionists Polyphony first revealed that a portable GT was planned. Clearly this has now been missed, and the publisher's release schedule points to a disappointing 2006 debut instead.

With '2006' only being offered by way of a date in Japan too, it is pretty much anyone's guess when 'Gran Turismo 4 Mobile (as it's officially known) is likely to be heading to North America or even, shudder, Europe. News on the new game has been conspicuously quiet since the developer's president Kazunori Yamauchi dropped hints of the new title last year. We'll keep you posted on this eagerly anticipated title, as well as all the latest from Polyphony as ever.

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