PS3 and PS4 gamers get a Battlefield 4 patch today

DICE drops a whole host of fixes for PlayStation gamers

DICE have patched the PlayStation versions of Battlefield 4 today fixing a host of crucial bugs that have been plaguing the game since launch.

On both consoles DICE has fixed a load of issues including the timing issue that would make blood appear in the player's view before any damage was taken, a bug that would see players dying with one health instead of zero and the delay in the appearance of the friendly marker which would cause players to shoot at teammates.

There's also a host of vehicular bug fixes from stopping the M1 Abrams tank's machine gun ammo box blocking the player's vision and a rebalancing and normalizing of the rate at which vehicles repair. PS3 and PS4 gamers get a Battlefield 4 patch today

On PS3 the patch addresses another 12 or so issues including fixing the player rank icons so they update, camera glitches while moving in crouch and the vehicle sound dropping out while driving. Transitioning between first and third-person views has also been smoothed out and handling of the stealth and attack jets have been rebalanced.

On the PS4, flickering minimaps in Rouge Transmission and Operation Locker have been fixed and the bug where players would spawn beneath the map on the Lancang Dam.

Full patch notes are available on the Battlelog website along with updates of future patches and other platforms.

Thanks Polygon.

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