BBC takes gaming TV shot

videoGaiden heads for Scotland

A brand new TV show dedicated to coverage of gaming has been announced by BBC Scotland, revealing that the show - videoGaiden - will begin being aired from Friday November 4th at 11PM. Currently, the show will only be broadcast on BBC2 Scotland, but of course satellite and cable viewers will be able to pick up the channel too. The producers of the show were apparently behind Consolevania, which went down rather well before being canned, and this new six-part series is described as the BBC's first return to games TV since the Acorn days.

News, reviews, interviews and comedy sketches will comprise the bulk of videoGaiden, apparently, and the show is aimed at gamers over fifteen, promising a laid-back, humorous style that also takes gaming seriously. Parallels with the BBC's Top Gear car show are being made. "Even if you hate the whole gaming world, you'll still find it funny and engaging," the producers claim, thought at ten-minutes per episode it would have to be pretty dire to become actually boring wouldn't it?

The show is, we're told, already generating a wee smidgen of excitement online and could interest other divisions of the Beeb if it proves a success. We'll keep you posted.

E3 Trailer