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PSP on the big screen for sir?

A variety of enhancements for the PSP handheld are winging their way into stores as we speak, the first being a new Sony digital video recorder, which boasts PSP connectivity. The RDR-AX75 will allow you to copy video to the handheld directly va a USB cable, and promises to cut transfer times (which can be long, even using the PSX), chucking over an hour's video in just two minutes. The recorder will also re-format videos into MPEG-4 format, and generally this new tech is said to make getting the most out of your PSP a whole lot easier.

Independent creators of gaming extras Asian Toy Source have also launched a gadget which lets you play your PSP on a normal TV, using simple but ingenious clip which attaches to the rear of the handheld. "You just cannot compare a 3 inch display vs. 63 inches... Or perhaps even 123+ inches with an inexpensive LCD projector. Wouldn't it be much better to share the entire PSP Experience with a room full of people?" reads the official press release. Trailers can be had of the device in operation on the official website and the hardware will be out next month at about 99 USD.

The same company have now also launched a memory card adapter for the PSP, allowing you to utilise Flash cards and CF micro drives in place of the expensive Memory Stick Pro Duo media. More on all this as we get it.


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