Win King (Kong)


French publisher Ubisoft are offering the chance for one lucky gamer to win an immense statue of King Kong, through the official website and The ridiculously large and incredibly realistic model is being prized-off in honour of the new King Kong game, which is being released in tandem with the new flick directed by Peter Jackson (of the Lord of the Rings fame). It is rumoured that Jackson has even had input into the game. As well as the statue itself, smaller models, toys and other trinkets will be dished out, so we recommend registering on if you're interested.

The game itself is due out this festive season on the PC, PS2, Xbox, GameCube and even the Xbox 360. It is expected that this new official title should do rather well for Ubisoft, one of the first 'major' film licences the publisher has managed to bag ahead of EA, Activision and the like. Head on over to the official site now if you want to ruin your Ikea-styled home with this monstrosity... you know it makes sense.

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