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The Rock reveals Spy Hunter 3

New game still on current gen at Midway

'Actor' (really? - Ed) Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has let slip that Spy Hunter 3 is in development at Midway Games even as we speak, revealing that he has just completed filming motion-capture footage for use in making the new game's animation more life-like. Highly-respected action director John Woo is in charge of a cinematic Spy Hunter, starring Johnson, and the hard-man also revealed that Pirates of the Caribbean and Collateral writer Stuart Beattie is providing the script in an interview with Sci-Fi Wire. The new game, apparently tied heavily with Woo's film, now lets you "get out of the car", and according to The Rock is "really cool."

Midway have yet to officially reveal the new sequel, which has actually been mooted before, once again in relation to the film - which has suffered several set-backs. "If all goes well, come Summer 2005, moviegoers and game lovers are in for the next level in multimedia event entertainment with the Spy Hunter movie and the SpyHunter 3 game," the movie's producers stated back in 2003. All did not go well, it would seem.

The film is now scheduled for a 2007 debut, and Midway have revealed that despite this Spy Hunter 3 will be released on current-generation consoles, rather than looking ahead to the PS3 and Xbox 360. Full news is promised soon. So we'll keep our eyes peeled. Ugh.

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