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A glimmer of Duke Nukem Forever

A date, a date! We don't have a...

Whilst developer 3D Realms shot-down rumours of a shock Christmas Duke Nukem Forever launch as quite patently nonsense (we could have guessed as much, but for altogether more cynical reasons), we have been treated to a rare update on the game by a number of new posts on the official forums. A senior team member revealed that the gamer currently stands at a gargantuan 9.6 gigabytes of data, but also revealed that “will be trimmed as there is surely lots of data in there that needs to be culled.” Conceding “I can't see culling more than 2-3 gigs though."

Continuing to comment on DNF's status, the poster also revealed that the title currently stands at over a million lines of code, excluding 'Meqon' code, apparently. "I've said it before and I'll say it again that I would have been happy playing two or three less than polished Duke PC titles just to keep the spirit alive rather than wait this out," 3DR boss George Broussard replied to one poster noting the eight year epic development period that has passed so far.

"I've said it before and I'll say it again, we screwed up on early versions and made some mistakes. This hasn't been a journey of perfection. It's been a journey of just trying to finish what we started, and make it as cool as possible. "I would love to have been on Duke 7 by now, but that's not how things panned out," the designer lamented.

Is the end in sight? Certainly Broussard sounds weary of the 'vaporware' tag: "So all we can do is finish the game, and make it the best that we can, then move on. That's what we're trying to do right now." We hope for concrete news soon, then. But who knows, eh?

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