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Xbox 360 Lounge tries to seduce Japan

From their secret HQ in Tokyo...

We already know Microsoft are pulling no punches in their tussle with Sony for a share of the games market in Japan, and this is no better exemplified than by the new Xbox 'Lounge' being planned in Tokyo. We dread to think what Redmond have invested in this publicity venture, but we'd wager it's a fair sum given land prices in the Japanese capital. The Lounge is located in the up-market district of Aoyama, and will be officially opened on November 1st, just over a month ahead of the console's debut in Japan. The Lounge will provide a slick Apple-store-esque showcase for the new console, allowing gamers to marvel at the system, its games, and drink coffee. We're told.

Yes, there's even a seventy-seater cafEbeing included, and Microsoft may be hoping to entice new media trendy-types with this, as they try every available option in a bid to persuade doubtful Japanese gamers that the Xbox is the future of gaming. The original console was decimated by competition from the PS2 and indeed the GameCube in Japan, and MS have vowed to do better with their successor, the Xbox 360. With this in mind more locally-developed games, slicker marketing, and highly competitive pricing are planned for this key gaming region. The Xbox Lounge is just a small but expensive part of the overall plan.

The store-come-showroom opens to the masses on November 2nd, and we'll keep you posted on this interesting new endeavour - something of a gaming first, we believe.

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