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What is Lionhead hiring staff for?

Fable studio hiring for a title with no mention of their key franchise Fable

Some job advertisements for vacant posts at fable creator Lionhead have led to some speculation as to what they are hiring for.

There are two ads, one for a technical director (New Game) and one for a senior services engineer hiring for new titles and neither of which mention Fable Legends which is their currently known Xbox One project.

The technical director candidates require “Prior experience leading a technical team from concept to ship on multiple AAA projects as a Technical Director/ Lead Programmer or Technical Manager” and “Experience working on MMORPGs, Multiplayer games or Action/Adventure titles on Xbox 360, PS3, or PC” and mentions a triple-A first-party production. What is Lionhead hiring staff for?

The senior services engineer candidates require “proven experience in designing and implementing services for highly concurrent and highly available social online game experiences, ideally in a cloud based environment”.

With the mention of MMO experience in the technical director post and the requirement for experience on social game development for the senior services engineer post it is possible that they are for the same game or at least two interlinked pieces of software.

Neither mention Fable Legends which they don't need to hide since it was revealed at Gamescom last summer so it does prompt the question on what they are working on? Is it another new Fable title or are they attempting to build something completely new and shed the legacy of founder and Fable creator Peter Molyneux?

We'll let you know when we find out more.

Thanks OXM.

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