Midway buys LA Rush developer

Pitbull purchased...

The UK studio charged with developing Midway's LA Rush racing game for current generation consoles, has been formally acquired by the American publishing giant. Pitbull Syndicate are based in the north-eastern city of Newcastle, and the purchase was made as a "primarily stock transaction." Midway paid around 3.1 million USD for the studio. Pitbull will continue to work on LA Rush for Midway, a key title for the publisher that was once developed in-house. Pitbull are also working on next-generation projects, also for Midway, and will henceforth be known as Midway Studios - Newcastle.

Pitbull was founded in 1996 by a small team of developers who had previously worked on the Test Drive series for Infogrames (now Atari). The racing series sold some 5.5 million copies, and the team are still specialists in racing game development, as exemplified by the arcade orientated racer LA Rush.

On the purchase, Midway Games boss David F. Zucker, commented: "We have been collaborating with Pitbull on the upcoming reinvention of our Rush franchise, L.A. Rush, which we anticipate will be launching in October. This close-knit team of highly talented developers brings to Midway a successful track record, specifically the Test Drive series, of which three titles have sold over one million units." More on Pitbull's progress as we get it.

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