EA plot Superman return

Coming summer 2006

Electronic Arts, Warner Bros. Interactive and DC Comics have announced the latest comic book franchise to be digitally immortalised as a videogame today, revealing Superman Returns. The new game is of course based on the forthcoming Warner Bros. film, which stars relative newcomer Brandon Routh as Clark Kent. The film is currently in production, and is due out on June 30th, when EA's videogame is also scheduled to debut, tying-in with the flick. Superman Returns: The Videogame is the official title, albeit entirely in unbearable capital letters that I can't stomach the reproducing of here.

EA's mammoth Tiburon development studio in Orlando, Florida will develop the new game, and a release on all major consoles (including the Xbox 360) as well as the PC is expected.

"The powerful Superman Returns property will be rightfully brought to gamers with a strong creative vision supported by compelling new technology so they can experience The Man of Steel's superpowers firsthand," enthused Warner gaming boss Jason Hall.

We'll bring you more on this as we get it.

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