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New PSP products mooted

New battery, new memory, new games

Whilst Sony's new announcements related to the PSP handheld today aren't likely to snatch any of Redmond's X05-fuelled thunder - the company's latest word is still sure to cheer owners of the device. First-up, Sony Japan have announced a brand new battery pack for the PSP, the PSP-280 model. Which will last about 20% longer than the current battery. This isn't quite the leap many were hoping for (game and movie time is still rather too short on the PSP), but it's a start, and at 5,300 JPY isn't too expensive either. That's about 45 USD kids. No word was offered by the release about a launch for this accessory in other regions, but expect the new pack to filter into Europe and North America soon enough.

In further PSP related excitement, Sony UK have confirmed a few new dates for a few new games bound for the handheld. November will see the arrival of Twisted Metal: Head On, Namco Museum Battle Collection, Pursuit Force and World Rally Championship in Europe. Go! Sudoku will also be out in December, no doubt exciting readers of The Times to unhealthy levels.

Details remain scant, but Sony also confirmed that Lemmings, Ape Escape: On The Loose and Key of Heaven will be out in early 2006. Sony Japan gets the final word however with news a of a PSP-branded 1gb memory stick DUO, which will apparently be out soon costing 9,500 JPY. About 90 USD. More as we get it.

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