'Blasphemous' Sony ad axed

"Crown of Thorns" proves prickly...

Sony are in hot water with the Catholic Church in Italy this week, after running a series of adverts depicting a young man wearing a 'crown of thorns' in honour of the Playstation brand's ten-year anniversary. The printed ads carried the slogan 'Ten years of passion,' and the controversial crown was twisted into the shape of the iconic Playstation buttons. Playstation was awarded an Emmy for ten years of innovation, but Sony Italy had to pull the ads amid widespread complaints.

"This time they've gone too far," said Antonio Sciortino of weekly magazine Christian Family, "if this had concerned Islam there would have been a really strong reaction" he added. The ad had run in newspapers and print magazines in celebration of the ten-year landmark. Sony Italy apologised for any offence caused by the advertisements.

This isn't the first time a games company has been pulled-up in the controversial ads stakes... remember the dark connotations of the 'This is where...' N-Gage commercials? Not that ads generally avoid criticism, even McDonald's recently had a saucy Paris Hilton commercial pulled stateside. Apparently, the ad was just too steamy. Thank heaven for the internet, then.

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