New games from SCI-Eidos

Champ Man on PSP, for starters...

The latest financial release from the SCI-Eidos group has revealed a little about the publisher's plans for the future (since the two firm's became one), with Total Overdose and Conflict Global Storm sequels now planned for the PS2, Xbox 360 and the PC. Reservoir Dogs, meanwhile, will be released on the PC, PS2 and Xbox only. No next-generation support there yet, it would seem. Meanwhile, Championship Manager 6 has been confirmed - and fans will be hoping that this new title can demonstrate a marked improvement on the PC, PS2, Xbox and PSP. Tomb Raider Legend will now be created for the PSP and Xbox 360, in addition to current generation platforms, we also learn.

Interestingly, SCI-Eidos' report also reveals that a new PSP excursion for Miss Croft, Tomb Raider 10th Anniversary Edition. Little is known on the new title, though some form of compilation of previous (PS2?) releases is possible. We shall see. We thought Carmageddon's return had faltered, but that too is apparently en route still, bound for the PC, PS2 and Xbox. "We do not plan to launch next generation versions of the majority of our titles until at least one year after the release of the new hardware," the report commented on next-generation plans, though Tomb Raider Legends and Championship Manager 6 will be out somewhat sooner, apparently.

The report revealed that whilst SCI made a fourteen million pound loss over the last nine months, Eidos did actually turn a small profit, which is a start. More on all this soon.

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