Doom 3 goes 'Super' for PS3

How jolly spiffing

id Software big boss and engine-design genius John Carmack has thrown another of his famous community-exciting ideas out there, hinting this time that the veteran developers behind Doom and Quake might be considering a 'Super' version of Doom 3 for Sony's upcoming Playstation 3 console. "One idea we've been sort of tossing around that is just a random idea is possibly doing some kind of super edition of the Doom 3 stuff for the PS3. It's something that we'd kind of like to do," Carmack appropriately informed American magazine Game Informer.

Having stated this tantalising tidbit, and having failed to clarify what a 'Super' version of Doom 3 might entail, the programmer went on to perplex us even further by stating he actually preferred developing for the Xbox 360. So what's Super Doom 3? A graphically enhanced version of the game embracing the power of next-generation hardware? Who knows. Carmack also told the interviewer that id Software will not be creating the next instalment in the Doom series, instead it'll be farmed out to a third-party a la Quake 4 and of course Return to Castle Wolfenstein. id Software are believed to be beavering away on a brand new original 'IP' as we speak. We'll keep you posted on all the latest tittle-tattle.

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