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True Crime angers NYPD

"Poor taste," apparently..

Activision's upcoming action game sequel True Crime: New York City, has come under fire from the very stars of the game, the NYPD. In the latest of a string of vocal attacks aimed at videogames, New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly stating that the game "disrespects all police officers and [is] done in extremely poor taste as well." Kelly believes the new title brands all police as law-breaking vigilantes out to catch crooks at all costs. The forthcoming PS2, Xbox and GameCube title had until this minor outburst managed to avoid the controversy that has surrounded games like GTA and 25 to Life. Activision's marketing department will no doubt be pleased with this fresh mark on the games publicity bedpost, then.

Former NYPD detective Bill Clark is actually acting as a consultant on the new game, and he defended the title stating that it's merely "a game, not a training video for the NYPD." Clark has also worked as an adviser on popular cop-show NYPD Blue since departing the police. The role and perception of police in games has recently been brought into question surrounding Eidos' 25 to Life, which attracted attention when critics accused the game of 'trivialising gang warfare and police murder'. LuxoFlux's new game stars Christopher Walken, Laurence Fishburne, and Mickey Rourke, we'll bring you all the latest as we get it.

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