Kirby creator forms new studio

New projects in the offing

Former HAL Labs golden boy, designer Masahiro Sakurai, has today announced his formation of a brand new studio already being charged with the development of two new titles. Whilst at HAL Sakurai created the seminal Kirby and Smash Brothers in partnership with Nintendo. Most recently the designer was employed by Q Entertainment, where he was directing Meteos. His new studio is called Sora and whilst it has been revealed that two projects are under way, no word has been offered on names, platforms, publishers, or release dates. It is unknown whether Sakurai will be working with Nintendo once again, but this is possible given the firm's willingness to work with third-party game creators.

The well-respected developer reportedly left HAL because of his growing frustration with developing sequels, so a couple of entirely original creations is also a distinct possibility. Sakurai has been putting in notable appearances at recent gaming events in Japan, and has been spotted at an Enterbrain (Famitsu) event, as well as attending Koiima's Metal Gear Solid 4 briefing. We'll keep you posted on Sora's developments, whatever they may be. More as we get it.

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