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Revolution specs rumoured

And quite impressive they could be too

A Factor 5 developer, operating under the dubious pseudonym of 'Han Solo', purports to have a pretty darn good idea of what the Nintendo Revolution's specifications are going to be. Ars Technica reports the developer's speculated-specifications as pure rumour fodder, but notes how close the same source came to accurately reporting the insides of the Xbox 360 before they were officially revealed. Treat this idle gossip as just that then: a bit of Sunday afternoon fun.

If correct, the Revolution won't be all about raw gameplay over technical power, it'll be a fascinating mixture of both, melding the unique new controller with a dual-thread IBM PowerPC 2.5ghz CPU, alongside 256 KB of L1 cache and 1 MB of L2 cache. An L3 cache rumour remains unsubstantiated. A physics chip will be in the box, including 32 MB of dedicated RAM, whilst system memory will total 512 MB overall. The graphics chip supplied by ATI is said to be a RN520 600MHz core model, along with 256MB of dedicated RAM. High-definition support is certainly possible, but young Han Solo notes that nothing has been concluded on this front yet.

Comparing this rumoured specification to the other systems, the source writes that the Revolution "would be on par with Xbox360, though PS3 could have an edge in the CPU area. In the GPU area the Revolution beats PS3, and technically would match Xbox 360." Quite an impressive position for Nintendo to be in - if a lower priced, non-technically driven system remains the company's mandate. Indeed, such a specification would work wonders for third-parties looking to create non-specialised games for multiple platforms, allowing the Big N to work their own special first-party magic to take advantage of the new controller, and other innovations being plotted.

We await some kind of concrete news on this with interest.

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