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Nintendogs nips DS in the UK

Good boy...

Nintendo are celebrating the launch of their latest virtual pet-em-up by knocking ten pounds Sterling of the retail price of a Nintendo DS system in the UK. The discounted price of 89.99 GBP will commence from October 7th alongside the launch of Nintendogs bundles, either featuring the new lurid-pink DS with a sausage dog version of the game, or a new blue DS, alongside a faithful Labrador edition. Nintendogs has been taking Japan by storm for a couple of months now, proving that Nintendo certainly hasn't lost their touch for quirkily addictive cyber-pet games. What's more, the success of the game stateside more recently demonstrates that Nintendogs could be just what the DS needs to help fight the technical prowess of the Sony PSP. The game sold 250,000 copies in the week following its American debut.

October 7th it is then boys and girls, not just for the UK but the rest of Europe too. Nintendo will have their fingers crossed that the game will sell out on the continent just as it has stateside, boosting the firm's pre-Christmas battle for market share with Sony, who still haven't quite got the games line-up sufficiently sorted for the PSP to truly begin worrying the Big N. We'll keep you posted on this, and the latest virtual-dog action. "Gotta walk 'em all!" Oh dear, my hangover's worse than I thought....

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