Chief predicts cheaper games

But only for current-gen...

The big chief of US publisher Activision has predicted that current generation games will get cheaper, as the next-generation of consoles begin arriving with the Xbox 360, PS3 and Revolution. Robert Kotick made his prediction at a Bank of America conference last week, stating "You're likely to see price declines on the older generation software." The news of a price drop for the current generation of games is sure to cheer gamers, many of whom have voiced concern about higher next-gen prices. Games for systems like the Xbox 360 are expected to cost in the region of 44.99 GBP.

Kotick also said he believes development of PS2, Xbox and GameCube games is likely to tail-off once future consoles become established, leaving fewer new games, albeit available at lower prices. The higher cost of development for new systems will also force publishers to channel resources into more expensive, next-gen developments - which could mean fewer games for the new machines as well. "I'm a pretty big believer that history is likely to repeat itself," Kotick admitted.

Over the course of 2006, Kotick stated that Activision plan on releasing some forty titles for the Xbox 360 - an impressive tally considering the firm only released about twenty Xbox games in the year following the original system's debut. More as we get it.

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