Revolution impresses Microsoft

New controller kudos

In a surprisingly frank admission given the relatively imminent global debut of the Xbox 360 console, Microsoft exec Peter Moore has praised Nintendo's approach with their new remote control-style game controller. "I want to give kudos for Nintendo for its attempt at innovation with the new controller," Moore told, adding that the Revolution would "bring people in that, as Iwata-san said, are either lapsed gamers or gamers that are intimidated by the complexity of the controller."

A very honest appraisal of Nintendo's brave approach indeed, though Moore clearly feels that Microsoft have the best chance of leading the industry thanks to the raw power, games catalog, and marketing oomph backing the new Xbox machine. That said, Moore's admission certainly means that Sony and Redmond are eying Ninty's latest innovation with interest, and we wouldn't be surprised if some reaction on the controller front was forthcoming.

"Having a simplified controller is one tactic in what is a larger strategic battle we need to face to grow this business," the marketing and publishing chief concluded. More details are expected on the specifics of the Revolution console as the months pass.

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