Sam and Max return (again)

Hitting the road once more...

Rejoice all ye adventure gaming faithful, there is a light that never went out... and its called Sam and Max. Despite LucasArts canning a 3D sequel to the point-and-click classic in 2004, a new game is being created. At the time, LucasArts stated that it was not "an appropriate time to launch a graphic adventure on PC." Sam an Max creator Steve Purcell clearly disagreed, and having recaptured the rights to a videogame based on his comic book creation earlier this year, he has now put Telltale Games to work on the project.

"If there's a better match, I don't know who it is..” Purcell told a San Francisco conference of his relationship with developer Telltale. The new Sam and Max game will be released episodic-style, a la Telltale's Bone. The game will be created entirely from scratch, and will be in no way related to LucasArts' ill-fated sequel. Other than that we await word on platforms, publishers and release dates with interest. Now, if only someone could bring back Day of the Tentacle too....

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