Romero set to return

With own studio once again

Game design celebrity John Romero looks set to make a return at the helm of a brand new studio he is currently co-founding stateside, the creator of Doom and Quake having left Midway San Diego and the Gauntlet project some two months ago, amid rumour and speculation. Apparently Romero's new firm have now begun work on a brand new title. "For the record, I'm co-founder of a new game company in the bay area now and am much better off in many ways than I was at Midway. Much happier now,” Romero commented on his official site.

"When news of my new game somehow gets out, I think everyone will be a bit shocked," the designer – maligned for Ion Storm's Daikatana, his last high-profile release, added. "Daikatana took three years from concept to store shelves," Romero explained, somewhat obscurely. "This is hardly a long dev cycle. Doom 3 took five years, Half Life 2 took seven, Duke Forever is on year nine."

We're certainly looking forward to full word on this new studio and its debut project, which will hopefully mark a return to form for the undeniably talented developer who seems to have fallen off the radar since the Daikatana debacle. More as we get it.

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