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Steam-powered Rag Doll Kung Fu

Lionhead side-project due soon

Do any of you remember hearing about Lionhead developer Mark Healey's wee side-project he'd been working on in his spare time, when not creating Black and White 2? Rag Doll Kung Fu was the minor project's name, an amusing-looking title, that was an altogether more light-hearted proposition than Lionhead's current god-sim labour of love. Based on Valve's Source engine, the project has grown in fame and stature, and is now one of the most eagerly awaited mods bound for the Steam content delivery system.

Healey and his co-developer friends have now revealed that the game will be complete as of next month, and will be made available to download over Steam for 12.95 USD. "Rag Doll was originally just an idea for me and some friends to have some fun making an old style Kung Fu movie," Healey told the latest Steam news update. "I hope everyone enjoys it as much as my friends and I enjoyed making it."

The mods cut-scenes apparently draw their humour from classic Kung Fu flicks of yesteryear, whilst a single-PC multiplayer mode will allow for multiple mouse gaming. There's also a normal single-player mode, not to mention a multiplayer online mode, so everyone should be well catered for. October 12th is the date, go on, stick it in your diary.

Update: Lionhead staffer and Rag Doll Kung Fu co-creator Alex Evans has emailed us this afternoon to inform us, as forums suggested, that the game is in fact not based on Source engine technology in any way. The game was created by Mark Healey, and his friends, from scratch. This is in fact the first time Steam will be used for a project unrelated to Valve or Half-Life in any way - and is perhaps the beginning of the delivery steam as a new publishing platform. More on this soon.

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