Hollywood talent for True Crime sequel

Chris Walken? Ace!

Activision has today revealed that line-up of voice acting talent being employed to bring the characters of their new True Crime to life, True Crime: New York City is being created for the PS2, Xbox and GameCube, and is due out in November. The cast list is headed by Christopher Walken (we loved the Weapon of Choice video, Chris), who will assume the role of FBI agent Gabriel Whitting. Morpheus from the Matrix actor Laurence Fishburne is also taking part, as crime boss Isaiah "The King" Reed.

Having played Jericho in Driv3r, Mickey Rourke is also back on a gaming cast list, this time playing detective Terrence Higgins. Mariska Hargitay (of 'Law and Order' fame) will be enacting the role of playing lieutenant Deena Dixon, whilst former porn actress Traci Lords becomes 'madam' Cassandra Hartz. The lead role in the game is however gifted to an 'and and comer', Avery Waddell, who will play Marcus Reed, son of Fishburne's drug baron. Waddell is one of the good guys, a cop, and the story of the game will be his.

The new game features a highly realistic rendition of Manhattan, created using GPS data, as the backdrop to the game. A free-form style of play is promised, and all vehicles will be drivable, interacting violently on the scenery on occasion. Real-life experts have also been enlisted to help with the game, including NYPD producer and former policeman Bill Clark.

We'll keep you posted on the new True Crime as it looms ever nearer.

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