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Nintendo DS pushes WiFi world

Ambitious plans afoot

The Nintendo DS console, now launched globally and competing with the Sony PSP, will be upping the WiFi gaming ante soon, as Nintendo push their wirelessly multiplayer-enabled titles across all regions. The WiFi capabilities of the DS have been under test for some time in countries like Japan, where usage of Nintendo's online service is now looming. "It is our goal that all consumers who purchase a Wi-Fi enabled game will try Wi-Fi connection at least once," Ninty boss Iwata stated at the Tokyo Game Show last week. The big chief also revealed that online play of Nintendo-developed games will be entirely free from subscription charges, and that despite this, Nintendo are offering a completely secure and safe system.

To help drive wireless gaming on the DS, a Nintendo USB wireless access point will be going on sale soon, and the DS will also use third-party access points, making gaming easy at home, in the office, or in the cafe. The Nintendo-branded adapter will cost in the region of 20 GBP, and will be out on November 11th in Europe. To play online games, players will be able to either create a list of verified friends, or search based on offline ability in the selected game. Neither approach will allow voice communication, however, as Nintendo hope this will cut down on security risks. "We need to be entirely confident that there can be no untoward activity," a manager was quoted as saying.

A new deal with wireless access providers will also, it is hoped, offer DS gamers free access in public places, whilst the Big N has already confirmed that hotspots will be made available gratis at select retailers. Mario Kart DS is one such wireless enabled title, due out in November. Animal Crossing Wild World and Metroid Prime Hunters will also be released next year. We'll keep you posted.

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